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eyesoutoffocus's Journal

a cracked machine
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road trips, vagaries, spontaneity, music, vices, etcetera.
adbusters, agent cooper, alice in wonderland, american splendor, andy kaufman, angeli on decatur, bauhaus, behavior, belle and sebastian, berkeley, better off dead, black box recorder, blonde redhead, bob odenkirk, brainiac, bright eyes, christian bale, christopher eggers, clinic, conor oberst, dave eggers, david bowie, david cross, david sedaris, declaime, depeche mode, desaparecidos, donnie darko, driving, film, fire walk with me, future bible heroes, gothic archies, grosse point blank, hefner, high strung, holden caulfield, john cusack, johnny lee miller, jonathon rhys meyers, joy division, knitting, kraftwerk, ladytron, love and rockets, madvillain, mates of state, mf doom, milan kundera, modest mouse, morrissey, mr show, murder city devils, mystery science theatre 3000, múm, national skyline, neil gaiman, neko case, neutral milk hotel, new order, oblique strategies, old crow medicine show, oscar wilde, pavement, penny arcade, people-watching, peter murphy, photography, piano, pleasure forever, portishead, prick, pulp, rasputina, ratatat, rilo kiley, road trips, rufus wainwright, saddle creek records, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, son ambulance, stephin merritt, stereo total, stones throw records, suede, talking heads, the 6ths, the buzzcocks, the cure, the divine comedy, the faint, the magnetic fields, the pixies, the pogues, the ramones, the smiths, tom robbins, tom waits, travel, twin peaks, valley of the dolls, velvet goldmine, vice magazine, words, writing